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Factors Affecting Feldspar Jaw Crusher’s Production

Aug 20 2015

Feldspar is the total name of feldspar group minerals, it is a common type of calcium, sodium and potassium aluminum silicate rock-forming minerals. Feldspar is the raw material of ceramic and glass industry, it has been widely used in life. Feldspar jaw crusher is crushing equipment and is widely used in the production of feldspar. It has big crushing ratio and uniform particle size. Today we simply discuss the factors influencing the production of feldspar jaw crusher in order to make customer overcome these factors to increase the production.

1. Material Factors

Material hardness: feldspar jaw crusher’s breaking strength is up to 320 MPa. The more hard materials, the more difficult to crush, the more serious wear to the equipment. The whole machine during crushing operation will be slow, broken a long time, which affected the crushing output.

Material component : the more powder in material, the more effecting in crushing fines. Because the fine powder is likely to adhere influencing the material discharging, so that has a lower yields.

Materials humidity: The greater material humidity, the lower crushing yield. Materials containing large water is easy to adhere to the crusher content, also easy to plug, resulting in crushing capacity is reduced. And, in broken the high humidity material, the general will be blocking objects, and then the feldspar jaw crusher must be cleaned, so as not to affect its crushing process.

Material fineness: The higher fineness requirements means more complex crushing, which also means small crushing capacity.

2. Device Factors

The wear resistance capacity of the feldspar jaw crusher wear parts also affect the machine's production capacity. Jaw, the parts are often hard, and relatively easy to wear, it certainly affects the crushing capacity if without updating, also will has an impact on its operation. Therefore,we need to timely replace the wearing parts to ensure the production capacity of feldspar jaw crusher.

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