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How to Reduce the Jaws Plate Wear of Concrete Jaw Crusher

Aug 21 2015

Concrete jaw crusher is used for mining, construction, chemical, water and sand and other industries, as crushing, broken a variety of ores and rocks below the compressive strength in 250Mpa. Jaw plate is the main constituent parts, jaw wear is inevitable and it affects production efficiency and product size. Will hereinafter explain how to reduce jaw plate wear and tear from three aspects.

1. Select the jaws plate materials

The higher material hardness, the higher jaws plate hardness; The larger concrete jaw crusher size, the greater the jaw endurance, more strength its toughness. Therefore, in the choice of jaw plate materials to be based on the hardness of different materials and different models of the concrete jaw crusher. To improve its hardness and toughness in ensuring the premise of the jaw, while also considering the production process, choose easy production and high-quality jaw plate material.

2. Select the appropriate hardness material

The wear of the jaw plate is mainly due to the extrusion of the material and the jaw plate. In the course of the concrete jaw crusher, there will inevitably be large pieces, high hardness materials, machines will appear broken difficult circumstances, then the material will clog in the crushing cavity, constantly sliding jaw squeezed, it will exacerbate the jaw plate wear and reduce the life of jaw plate. Therefore, in order to reduce the wear condition of the jaw plate, we should try to avoid high hardness material into the crushing chamber, select the appropriate hardness of the material to ensure that jaw plate service life, therefor make the concrete jaw crusher has a good work efficiency.

3. Jaw plate protection device - Liner

As the material under enormous crushing force and friction in the working chamber which is formed by movable jaw and fixed jaw, so jaw plate is easily worn, in order to protect the jaw plate, the surface of the movable jaw and the fixed jaw is equipped with a wear-resistant liner which is usually made the shape of teeth. Liner can regulate the angle of the tooth peak, generally crushing bulk materials, the angle should be bigger; The angle can be smaller when crushing small pieces of material, the range of angle is in 90-120 degrees.

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