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The Main Structure of Coal Jaw Crusher

Aug 21 2015

Coal has long been known as black gold, coal, grain industry, the importance it plays in people's lives is self-evident. Coal is ancient plant buried in the ground through a solid combustible mineral complex biochemical and physical and chemical changes gradually formed. It is one of the major energy using by human since the eighteenth century. Coal jaw crusher is one of the devices used in coal mining, also plays an important role in coal mining. Below we briefly describe its main components.

1. The movable jaw

It supports the tooth plate and directly contacts with the mineral components, it is durable and good toughness. After coal and other materials into the coal jaw crusher will be crushed and squeezed between the movable jaw and the fixed jaw. And to some extent, the wear strength of moving jaw will affect the life of the coal jaw crusher.

2. The adjustment means

Adjusting means control the nesting population size. With the continuous operation of the coal jaw crusher, nor segment increased friction between the components, especially the lining part, if the components have heavy wear and tear then leading to the nesting population size changes which directly affect the product size. To a certain extent, coal jaw crusher’s nesting population size also affect productivity and crushing granularity. Thus, the adjusting means have great importance.

3. Lubricating device

The presence of lubrication means is to reduce friction between the various parts of the coal jaw crusher, thereby extending the service life of the machine. This machine adopts centralized lubrication system which can make all the major components at the same time to lubricate, avoid downtime manual filling oil. This lubricating device is effective, fast, and ensure the high efficiency running of the coal jaw crusher.

4. Tooth plate and ribs

Although two parts have simple structure, but play an important role in coal jaw crusher, they are the most serious wearing parts. So we should pay more attention to its maintenance, to ensure that the coal jaw crusher working properly.

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