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Iron Ore Ball Mill Routine Maintenance

Aug 21 2015

Ball mill is the key equipment for materials further grinding. It is widely used in cement, new building materials, non-ferrous mineral processing and other industries. Iron ore ball mill for grinding all kinds of hardness ores. It has the large daily workload inevitably causing machine wear. So do routine maintenance is essential to iron ore ball mill, it is possible to extend the service life of the machine, to ensure its safe and reliable operation. Here we will give a brief introduction on how to do the routine maintenance of iron ore ball mill.

1.The safety check of iron ore ball mill’s various components

Bolts of import and export parts: to pay attention to the inspection, once wear and tear, it should be repaired in time. If appears serious wear and can not be repaired, we should replaced them timely.

Anchor bolts: If there is loose or damaged should be repaired to avoid malfunction. Liner bolts: If there is damage must be promptly replaced, are the focus of the examination site, liner bolted very important for the liner.

Ball: check the wear condition, ball with badly worn should be replaced, so as not to affect the milling results.

Main bearings: if there is more than the standard wear should be replaced immediately. Please note that when you use to read the instructions, according to the specification.

2.Lubrication maintenance

After a month of continuous operation in first time using, carried out a large lubricant replacement, to ensure clean, then add the safety, quality of the new oil. Then the oil should be replaced once every six months. But when using the iron ore ball mill machinery in daily work, we need to check the lubrication of the various parts wear every four hours, and timely fill oil.

3. The temperature control

To ensure the safe operation of the iron ore ball mill, we must always look at the temperature of the red line, avoid the mechanical failure caused by high temperature. Temperature of bearings and gear drive is no more than 55℃, the maximum does not exceed 60℃, the main bearing lubricating oil temperature is no exceed 55℃.

Routine maintenance is intended to take preventive measures, we hope people pay more attention to maintenance. In addition, once a month to shut down, do the status of each member of the inspection records to facilitate maintenance work on the iron wall ball mill. Only iron ore ball mill in safety and high speed running then to create value for customers.

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