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Prospects for Coal Briquetting Machine

Aug 21 2015

Coal briquetting machine also known as pulverized coal ball press machine used to suppress coal, iron, coal briquetting machine molding process cold forming and thermoforming points, mainly to cold forming; Cold molding was divided forming binder and non-binder formed, and the main part is binder molding. The development of coal briquetting machine in China is a very clear sign, its technological development and research varies in different times, but objectively promotes the development of coal industry. Today we take a brief look on development prospects of coal briquetting machine.

1. A vast domestic market

Our country is rich in coal resources country, but it is also a coal resource-poor countries, which is the can not be changed current status. If people want a long-term development, to improve the utilization of coal resources is inevitable. And coal briquetting machine plays the role of inconsiderable in improve of resource using. A large number of direct combustion of coal to China coal energy utilization and environmental pollution bring double pressure, which is vigorously develop industrial briquette and civil coal provides a good opportunity. The burning of coal, with significant energy savings and environmental benefits. Chinese briquetting machine technology, to create the conditions for the industrial briquette and the rapid development of civil coal. With the development of market economy, coal production will expand sources of funding to high-tech, high starting point, high-quality construction, expansion of production capacity. Development of coal briquetting machine has broad prospects in the domestic market.

2. Export demand of foreign markets


For the overseas market, although technically developed countries has been far ahead, domestic manufacturers appear to be accounted for less than advantages, but developed countries due to strict environmental requirements, and generally relatively high labor costs, resulting in production of drama briquette subtract, so it needs to import; For the third world or developing countries, due to the technical level is relatively backward, unable to meet the industrial and civilian needs, we need to import large quantities. For developed countries, we have the artificial and the price advantage, for developing countries we have the technology. So in terms of exports, coal briquetting machine market is also great.

All in all, the development of coal briquetting equipment can effectively conserve resources, improve coal utilization, reduce environmental pollution. Both in the domestic market and foreign markets have a good momentum of development, which requires us to constantly updated technology to make coal briquetting machine has a broader space for development.

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