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How to Improve the Efficiency of Molybdenum Ore Ball Mill?

Aug 21 2015

Molybdenum, in molybdenum ores, has the features of high strengthen, high melting point, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, etc., so it has been widely used in the industry. Molybdenum ore ball mill is a part of the molybdenum ore processing. To enhance the efficiency of molybdenum ore ball mill are more conducive to the development of molybdenum metal products. Here we discuss the following three aspects on how to improve its work efficiency.

1. Speed

The rotation speed of the machine directly affects its efficiency. To enhance the rotational speed of the hoisting machine is the practical approach to enhance the efficiency of the molybdenum ore ball mill. Specifically by installing the reduction gear or drive to implement the regulation of speed. However, it is not the faster the better, it should be in the machine bearing range, to enhance the speed and to improve working efficiency.

2. Fill factor

Fill factor refers to the percentage of material into the cylinder barrel ratio, in other words is the feeding number of materials. If feeding the disposable material too much, the molybdenum ore ball mill has difficulty in grinding, the grinding efficiency and the effect is not ideal; If disposable material is too small, it will waste machine energy consumption, reduce the efficiency of production. The study found that the fill factor is between 80% -90%, the efficiency of the molybdenum ore ball mill is the highest.

3. The grinding media

Grinding media refers to the grinding body in cylinder. Shape, size, weight, quantity of grinding media will affect the efficiency of the machine. Therefore, to use high-quality grinding media and a suitable model of the shape and size to improve the work efficiency of molybdenum ore ball mill . The study shows that the different size of grinding media can enhance the grinding effect; Short columnar grinding mainly used for crushing; Spherical applies mainly to the impact crushed. In addition, to pay attention to check the size of the ball, cleaning out the small ball, adding new ball, while paying attention to the control of the ball quantity, to put the right amount of balls.

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