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Features of Gangue Jaw Crusher

Aug 22 2015

With the development of the times, machinery plays an increasingly important role in people's lives. Our country is a bid coal production country as well as a big coal consumption country. Gangue jaw crusher plays an irreplaceable role in the cinder, slag, gangue crushing. Its main features are described below.

1. Compact structure, easy operation

On the one hand, the machine type can be customized, small footprint, strong fixing. On the other hand, the use of hydraulic electric start the case, only one person to complete the open and close of the operation, it is very convenient. At the same time when the machine fails, open the access door to renovate without machine disassembly, enabling the machine simple maintenance.

2. High quality

Gangue jaw crusher, the design of no mesh grate bottom, has no requirements about the moisture content of the material, even if working normally in the rainy day overcoming the shortcomings of traditional jaw crusher. While the gangue jaw crusher use up and down two double rotor hammer for pulverization, it has the features of big crushing ratio, so the machine has high yield and good crushing efficiency.

3. Centralized lubrication system, to reduce the main components friction loss

Gangue jaw crusher, using the new lubrication system, configuring centralized distribution to the oil pump, it can fill oil to all the bearings simultaneously in the working conditions of the machine. On the one hand, to ensure the efficiency of the machine, avoid downtime for oil. On the other hand, it makes perfect lubrication system components to reduce friction losses, relative to extend the service life of various components, to enhance the production efficiency.

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