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Coal Jaw Crusher is How to Overcome the Problems of Temperature and Humidity?

Aug 22 2015

For traditional jaw crusher, the high moisture content of materials, it is easy to plug; if the material temperature is high, it will reduce working efficiency, and even damage the machine. While coal jaw crusher overcomes humidity and temperature problems, it has normal production even in rainy days. Below we will explain coal jaw crusher is how to overcome these problems.

1.No mesh grate bottom, to overcome the humidity problem

Depending on the product size requirements, the traditional jaw crusher screened through a sieve to get the desired particle size. And because of the presence of the sieve, if the material humidity is large, it will cause material clogging problems, reducing the grinding efficiency. However, coal jaw crusher has a design of no mesh grate bottom, and no requirements about moisture content of the material while no existing the problems like blocking the sieve, difficult discharging, repeated crushing, so the coal jaw crusher has the high grinding efficiency. Although the design is no mesh grate bottom, but the product size is also guaranteed. Coal jaw crusher using the new shift transfer gap technology, to ensure that the gap between the hammer and the liner in order to ensure a uniform and finely divided material effect.

2. Centralized lubrication system, to overcome the problem of high temperature

For traditional jaw crusher, the temperature of incoming material must be controlled within a certain range, not too high, otherwise it would increase the whole machine temperature, affecting the host bearing lubrication, or even reducing bearing life. Once the lubrication system has something wrong, it will increase the wear of the surface or other wear-resistant parts of the coal jaw crusher, thus reducing life expectancy. While coal jaw crusher adopted centralized lubrication system, even if the machine in working condition can also fill oil to all bearings simultaneously. Since the whole oil passage is closed, it will prevent dust intrusion damage to the bearings extending coal jaw crusher’s service life.

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