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To Know Something about Ore Ball Mill

Aug 22 2015

Ore is extracted from ore miners and capable of economic use of mineral aggregates. Ore ball mill is the main equipment for the processing of ore milled, it plays an important role in ore processing flow. The cylinder is the main parts of ore ball mill, but also the material milled places. Today we come to know something about the cylinder of ore ball mill.

1. Cylinder material

The cylinder is non replacement parts, once damaging, it will cause huge looses. So It is necessary to ensure that it is safe and reliable in operation, in long-term continuous using. Therefore the barrel material need to have strength, good plasticity, and strong impact resistance. Cylinder is made of welded steel plate rolling, so the material also need good weldability. Cylinder material with the progress of science and technology is also in constant development, generally using structural steel, boiler plate, and high-quality steel which have the features of strong strength, good ductility and weldability. With the rapid development of China's high-strength low-alloy steel, we use more high-quality materials-16Mn as current cylinder materials. It has good machinability, weldability, wear and fatigue resistance and other advantages.

2. Cylinder function

When ore ball mill works, ores and other materials are mainly grinding breaking in the cylinder body. On the one hand acts as housing materials, on the other hand there is the grinding bodies for grinding and crushing, And the materials are milled by static loads and shock effect of grinding medias. Long-term operation of the cylinder so that the material in vulgar keep hitting the barrel polishing, thus ensuring the continuity of the work.

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