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“Prickly” Iron Ore Ball Mill

Aug 22 2015

Iron ore is iron or iron-containing compound capable of economic use of mineral aggregates. Iron ore ball mill is the main equipment for secondary fine grinding after processing. But I wonder if you noticed, it had many outstanding small lump, like a “thorn”. Today we come to understand why this phenomenon occurs.

1. What “thorn” is

If we want to uncover why there are so many holes, we must understand the structure of the iron ore ball mill barrel. Flashlight is a single piece of steel after roll pressing, there are complex process in producing a iron ore ball mill which is capable of production. While the “thorn” in cylinder plays a vital role in iron ore ball mill, it is used to fix the screws from the interior of the cylinder liner. It connects the cylinder liner and the cylinder firmly, after protruding from the inside, you'll see the small “thorn” in finished ore ball mill cylinder wall.

2. The appearing reasons

Why the iron ore ball mill need so many screws? The purpose is to firmly fixed the liner in the tube wall. Because the cylinder wall is non replaceable parts, once damaging, it will make a huge loss; and materials mainly in the barrel to get broken mill, the cylinder wall is under huge blow force. Liner is thicker than the tube wall, firming the two together, to avoid a hard object damage to the iron ore ball mill, thus prolonging the service life of the machine. This is the only way to fix the lining now, so we will see small “thorn” on the iron ball mill.

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