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How to Maintain High Efficient Operation of the Rotary Drum Dryer?

Aug 24 2015

Rotary drum dryer is commonly used equipment for drying material. It has the features of reliable operation, operating flexibility, adaptability, high processing capability, and is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy and building materials, light industry and other sectors. Today we give a brief introduction on how to maintain its efficient operation in terms of the following three aspects.

1. Bearing maintenance

Bearing plays a very important role during the operation, bearing assumed full load of the machine, therefore, ensure quality bearings and bearing lubrication. After all, high-quality bearing plus excellent lubricity can greatly extend bearing life and improve the operation rate of the bearing. Here to emphasis one point is that the lubricating oil must be kept clean, and the seal is good.

2.The choice of lifting plate

In the rotary drum dryer cylinder body, the lifting body is evenly distributed. The design and distribution of lifting plate directly determines the drying effect of rotary drum dryer. There are five drum dryer lifting plate design, respectively, lifting style Yang board for bulk materials or easily adhesive material in the tube wall; four format Yang board for high density, non-brittle or easily dispersible material; cross or frame-shaped speaker board for more brittle and easy dispersion of small pieces of material; sleeve Jan board, duplex heat transfer Yang plate cylinder dryer; fan Yang plate suitable for very fine particles easily understood cause powder flying material. So we need to choose the right type of lifting plate according to material properties, thus ensuring the drying efficiency.

3. Insulation measures

After the material into the cylinder, do the insulation measures to avoid heat waste due to temperature difference, decreasing the drying effect. At the same time do a good sealing measures when material in and out of the cylinder, to prevent heat spill.

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