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Something about Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Aug 24 2015

Briquetting machine is mainly used to suppress difficult molding powder materials, charcoal briquetting machine as a part, it will shape the water content of <12% of bamboo, wood, shell, straw (except rice straw, wheat straw) and other granular within a certain length range of waste in the absence of any binder case, though the process of high temperature and high pressure, extruded into a rod with a solid stipends center hole. On the one hand it is easy to transport, on the other hand it increases the recycling rate protecting the environment. We will learn something briefly about charcoal briquetting machine by the following aspects.

1. Application materials

Charcoal briquetting machine (charcoal pressure machine) is mainly used to suppress charcoal powder, carbon, bamboo carbon, coke toner, hookah carbon, graphite, carbon shell page, Jujube carbon, blue carbon powder, activated carbon and other kinds of powder materials, powder, waste. Special shapes can produce square, egg-shaped ball, with round, oval type, is round, column line, bar, bread type, pillow type.

2. For production areas

Charcoal briquetting machine is widely used in refractory, power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating, animal husbandry, industry, agriculture, barbecue and other fields. This machine applies to a single large-scale operations and into briquette production lines, but also to adapt to mobile operations.

3. Production requirements:

(1) Material available on the 90-260 mesh size.

(2) No metal objects in materials.

(3) Sufficient feeding, adopt variable speed screw feeder, observe feed back amount to adjust the supply amount of new material.

(4) Please idle the machine before the start of the material feeding.

4. Features

(1) Simple structure, easy operation, small size and power.

(2) Automatic control of electric heating devices, randomly adjust the humidity of materials, ensure that the material forming stability, improve work efficiency.

(3) Using a wear-resistant material with a special treatment, it is possible to suppress the production of continuous, durable.

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