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The Development of Impact Crusher

Aug 24 2015

Impact crusher also called back-breaking, mainly used in metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, utilities and other materials often need to move processing operations, especially for highways, railways, hydropower engineering and other stone work flow. Here we look back at the course of its development as well as its outlook.

1. The development process

(1) The advent of impact crusher


 In the 1850s, the world’s first jaw crusher was born in the United States. Soon after with the development of productive forces, jaw crusher crushing technology can not meet the need, therefore, on the basis of jaw crusher, people design an impact crusher.

(2) China's development

  In the 50s of the last century, our country really has a crusher. And before the 1980s, our own-making crusher is limited to handle the hard materials of coal and limestone. Until the late 1980s China has introduced KHD-type hard rock crusher filling the domestic blank crusher high hardness. Compared with the traditional crusher, new type of impact crusher has the performance of breaking hard materials above 300MPa. The impact crusher has big sales in the industry, using a wide range of strong equipment performance.

2. Prospects

1. The transformation of existing structures, increase crushing capacity, mainly in the board hammer, the rotor structure, structural optimization counterattack frame and so on.

2. Research high wear-resistant, high toughness materials of new board hammer, improve service life of the hammer.

3. To improve the degree of automation, reducing labor intensity and improve productivity.

4. Develop towards the series, large-scale, standardized direction, to better meet market and customer needs.

5. Adhere to technological innovation, the creator rather than the manufacturer.

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