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About Roller Crusher

Aug 25 2015

The roller crusher is suitable for crushing middle and higher hardness of material, it is not only energy efficient but also has both crushing and grinding effect, and has been widely used in the production of life. Now we will give a brief introduction to roller crusher.

1. The working principle

Crushed material falls through the feed opening between the two rollers, for squeezing broken and the finished materials naturally falls down. When there is so hard or non-broken material, the roller crusher coin automatic rolls concessions by spring action or hydraulic cylinder, the roller gap increases so the foreign material goes down, thus protecting the machine from damage. Two opposite rotating rollers have a certain gap, changing the gap, you can control the product's largest nesting size.

2. Application


The roller crusher is suitable for cement, chemicals, power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, refractory materials, coal and other industries of brittle bulk materials breaking.

3. The main parts

The roller crusher is mainly consists of crushing rollers, adjusting means and rack spring safety devices and other components.

Crushing roller: they are two parallel opposing rotating rollers in horizontal axis. Because of its direct contact with the ore, it needs to replace regularly, and generally uses good wear resistance of high manganese steel or special carbon steel (chrome steel, chromium manganese, etc.) for production.

Adjustment means: adjustment means is used to adjust the size of the gap between the two crushing rollers by increasing or decreasing the number of two rollers between the gasket bearing (ie the port of discharge). Spring safety device: It plays a very important role in the normal work of the crusher and overload safeguard. When the machine is working properly, it controls the port of discharge gap so that making uniform particle size. When the machine is abnormal operation, it ensures the safety of machine by increasing the size of discharge port. Rack: generally, it uses cast iron and must has a solid structure.

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