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The Main Components of Copper Ore Ball Mill

Aug 25 2015

Copper ores are generally made of copper, iron, and sulfur elements and are important raw materials for the metallurgical industry. Copper ore ball mill is the main equipment for the mining of copper ore after chronology processing. It is widely used in various industrial fields. Here we simply introduce its major components.

1. The feeding part

The feeding part is to import feed materials and support mill shell. Feeding part is formed by the cover, feed cylinder, liner, bolts and other components. Various parts are made of high strength components, especially bolts, though small in size but the role should not be overlooked. We should always pay attention to them, so as not to cause the failure of the machine due to bolts loosing.

2. The body part

The role of the body part is to grind material. Barrel is circular device made of welding materials which have the features of high hardness and high wear resistance, and suffering the main resistance when grinding mill. There are liner and grinding media inside the cylinder, the cylinder is divided into different compartments which plays different abrasive effect.

3. The main bearing part

Main bearing plays a major supporting role. Uniformly contacting with the surrounding main bearing is mounted on the chassis, and it drives the machine to run. Pay attention to the main bearing portion of maintenance, including lubrication and cooling, etc., thereby extending the service life of the cooper ore ball mill machine.

4. The drive part

Transmission part is formed by the reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control and other components. Generally it is divided into edge and center drive transmission.

5. Discharging department

Discharging part plays a role of exporting materials, supporting cooper ore ball mill shell, fixing gear, axially fixing portion of the cooper ore ball mill rotation. It consists of cover, the barrel, linings, bolts and other components.

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