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Stone High Efficient Fine Crusher - a Low-Key Luxury

Aug 27 2015

Stone high efficient fine crusher is a new type of crushing machine that our company design it by absorbing crushing technology at home and abroad and optimizing the main structural parameters. It is mainly used in small crushing cement clinker or cement and other raw materials and provides an ideal secondary crushing equipment in technological transformation for the mining machinery manufacturers. Meanwhile, stone high efficient fine crusher also applies to break blast furnace slag, sand, iron ore, gypsum, aluminum ore, coal and phosphate rock ore lump coal and other medium hard. It can be regarded as low-key luxury, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

1. Perfect working process

When stone high efficient fine crusher works, its rotor is in high-speed rotation due to the driving of the motor. And when the material goes into the first crushing chamber, it will has impact with high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer making the material crushed, the crushed material then smash into the second crushing chamber until the material meeting customer requirements, then it will discharge in the discharge port. The entire work flow is perfect, rarely has this or that kind of failure.

2.Simple unique structure

Stone high efficient fine crusher’s main components are: rotary department, the guard unit and the tank unit. Wheeled rotary portion of the plurality of core hammer frame, are in accordance with the non-overlapping arrangement, while the hammer is fixed in the hammer frame, the width of hammer is greater than the hammer frame, wheels fixed to the spindle core, composed of a plurality of wheels one, supported at both ends of the spindle bearing seat on the frame, is divided into several parts of the shield are fixed to the case, the main role is to protect the housing to prevent its subject to wear, the box is divided into two parts, with bolt connection, disassemble and maintenance are very convenient.

3. Energy saving and high efficiency

Stone high efficient fine crusher is a new product of our company which is based on domestic and foreign markets, as well as understanding of customer needs, not only the adoption of new technology, new technology, compared with conventional fine crusher, equipment investment is also low 35% -50% with the same size of equipment, and the production efficiency than the same size of the traditional craft to be higher than 25% effect. It can also be used for secondary recycling of the the end of slag, improving fully rational use of energy, reducing pollution and tailings discharge, and played a role in environmental protection.

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