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The Main Installation Steps of Gangue Grinder

Aug 27 2015

Gangue grinder, also known as two-stage crusher, coal crusher. Since the device has a special structure and superior performance making it the fastest profits recovering resource for small and medium enterprises and individual brick. It is mainly using for crushing materials like slag brick, cinder, coal gangue, construction waste and other materials to solve the waste rock as a brick adding material, crushed shale production of standard bricks and other high humidity materials crushing problems. Although it has a simple structure, but also need to install according to the regular installation steps:

1. In the fixing work, the gangue grinder should be fixed on the concrete base, while in the mobile operations, it should be installed on the mill tractor (hand, three, four tractors, etc.). In general, you should choose the machine which is suitable for installation on the tractor models;

2. To based on data of the device to matching the power, according to the parameters to matching power machine pulley, both of which can ensure that the correct optional equipment reaching the rated speed and enough power output;

3. The host power machine pulley and the pulley axis must remain parallel, the belt groove must be positive, and after installing the belt, it should be of appropriate tensioner, its up to the extent of the right index finger pressed tight to the belt pulley center equidistant from the two drop 10 ~ 15mm appropriate;

4. When the above steps are completed, we begin to install and adjust the belt which can be turned by hand to check for bump and other irregularities, if there are any irregularities, we should promptly adjust or discharge it;

5. Connect the motor line, the operating position to the control room switch should be accessible and avoid some of the obstacles affecting the motor normal connection, impacting on production processes, control switch installation location to ensure easy operation;

6. To configure he belt guard meeting the safety requirements;

7. Make sure the safety of both personnel and equipment, then re-start trial operation, and check the steering is consistent with the direction of the arrow on the gangue grinder, if the contrary, by the two cases, one is when the power machine is the motor, can replace any two motor wire connectors position, and second; when the power machine is a tractor, to adjust the relative position of grinder and the diesel engine, it is prohibited reversing.

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