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The FAQ Summary of Compound Crusher

Aug 27 2015

Composite break, compound crusher is a new and high efficiency crusher which is designed by absorbing the domestic and foreign similar technology, optimizing the main technical parameters. Its performance has reached advanced domestic level, now it has been widely used in mining, metallurgy, refractory, coal, glass, ceramics and other industries. The extensive use of compound crusher, it is inevitable will be some failures. This paper according to the many years of experience to sum up the composite breaking FAQ.

1. The particle size problem

If it appears too large swing, you should check whether it is caused because of the expected size, if the feed size is too large will cause the device to swing too large. In this case there are two solutions: one is to fight back by adjusting the gap between the front and rear frame, or replacing the badly worn linings, board hammer; the second is to adjust the impact rack position so that both sides of the counter-holder rack lining achieve relative gap, so as to ensure the expected size.

2. Bearing heating problem

Since the compound crusher is in shock load, vibration large and dusty work conditions for a long-term, it would exacerbate the rotor bearing wear, which affects the smooth production. In the bearing failure, the most common is bearing overheating, which is mainly due to the lack of or too much grease, grease pollution, bearing damage and other reasons. In this case, we should first check the adequacy of the grease, but also regularly raises the right amount; in addition, we should also pay attention to the bearing of daily cleaning and maintenance, replacing it immediately once a serious bearing wear.

3. The sound problems

In the process of operation, the internal cavity may be sharp percussion for some reasons. If this happens, you should immediately turn off the power, stop and check if there are foreign objects in the crusher, clean the crushing chamber; then check liner’s fastening situation and confirm the liner is off or not.

4. Hammer corruption issues

Hammer is belong to the wearing parts of compound crusher, after a long work, which could be face damaging, shape changing. Hammerhead breakdowns are inevitable, but we can try to extend its service life: first, to avoid breaking the metal and other debris avoiding causing damage to the hammer; second, hammer can be made of producing wear-resistant materials, such as high carbon manganese alloys; and third, if the hammer was found badly worn, it must be promptly replaced or repaired, thus ensuring the normal production machine.

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