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Wining Development of Coke Crusher (Roller Crusher)

Aug 27 2015

With the rapid development of the domestic economic construction, China’s demand for mineral resources is higher, better. But the limited amount of resources will no longer be able to meet more of mineral demand, therefore, coke crusher should not only be efficient, but also be more environmental and complex nature. Here we introduce the development of the coke crusher from ancient times.

1. Birth of coke crusher

Coke crusher, also called the roller crusher, which first appeared in 1806, is a relatively old broken equipment. However, due to its simple structure, easy to manufacture, compact, lightweight, reliable and so on, especially out of the material it produces too little crush phenomenon, and therefore, win the majority user's favorite, has been in continuous development.

2. Coke crusher developing situation

So far, it has been used in coal preparation, cement, metallurgy sintering, ceramics, glass and other industrial sectors, it also has a very extensive using in some small concentrator, and there are new improvements and development. However, in the development process of this device, it is still only for crushing of soft and medium hard materials, and for some wet material, Hittites and hard materials, the use of it is limited. Therefore, it is what we want to develop and improve factor.

3. Development of foreign coke crusher

In recent years, the development of foreign coke crusher is rapidly, and species are very complete depending on their more advanced technology. For its structure, most devices use automatically move roller machine structure and the hydraulic adjustment. In view of the general situation of the market, although the technology is more advanced, the structure adopted by each manufacturer and control system page is still different. Such as the US coke crusher produced by Pcttibon company, applies rubber tires transmission, hydraulic adjustment mechanism, automatic positioning roller bearings, so it has a long service life. There are three-roll crusher produced by American Portec company mainly consists of a fixed roll and two mobile roller.

4. The development trend of China’s coke crusher

Today though foreign sales market developed rapidly, we still can not just blindly introduce advanced technology. To innovation, to develop our own equipment is the most important thing. We can introduce some of the more advanced technology then through continuous improvement update to meet the customer's quality requirements.

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