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Three Basic Formats of Coal Jaw Crusher’s Discharge Opening Adjustment

Aug 28 2015

During work, the liner of coal jaw crusher liner is under constant wear, making the discharge opening width gradually larger. In order to guarantee product size requirements, we must promptly adjust the width of the discharge opening. Below, we will give a brief introduction about the three basic formats of coal jaw crusher’s discharge opening adjustments.

1. Plate adjusting device

Its principle is putting a group of adjusting plate behind the rear seat thrust plate, when changing the numbers or thickness of plate, it will be back or migrate which both can reach the purpose of changing the discharging port. Such adjustment device has the features of simple and compact structure, less increase of the whole weight, therefore, it is very suitable for coal jaw crusher, is appropriate to distinguish between a high-degree of force adjusting means.

2. Use wedges assisted adjustment

Wedges are used to adjust the width of the discharge opening, it can use a bolt or worm or chain drives, so make the wedges up and down, wedges mounted in the rack before the two side walls of the guide groove, can only move horizontally. When the iron is lifted after the ramp, because the relationship between the front ramp wedges along the guide groove to move forward, thrust plate and moving jaw then subsequently moved forward, the discharge opening width decreases. Conversely, when the posterior oblique iron down, the discharge opening width increases. The advantage of such adjustment means realizing stepless adjustment, the regulation also does not have to stop.

3. The electronically controlled adjustment mechanism

Using this mechanism, you can very quickly and efficiently realize the adjustment and testing work of coal jaw crusher. In this way of regulator, the device will become very sensitive, and the control of particle size series will be more accurate and provide maximum discrimination and accuracy.

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