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Advantages of Limestone Impact Crusher in the Crushing Market

Aug 28 2015

 In the broken market, due to the high crushing chamber, large inlet, applying for many materials and other features of limestone impact crusher, it occupies an important position in the market, in addition, limestone impact crusher also has the following items of advantages.

1. Large capacity

Limestone impact crusher can crush a large amount of wet material, either limestone or other rocks and minerals, and it will not appear clogging. Because when broken relatively wet material, limestone crusher feed chute and the back plate can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the adhesive material. At the same time, the design of no bottom sieve can effectively prevent clogging.

2. Easy to operate

When the equipment is at work, we can adjust the the particle size by adjusting the rotor speed, changing the gap between back plate and grinding chamber. For example gap adjustment can be adjusted by mechanical or hydraulic, hydraulic adjustment system can be easily completed by adjusting the gap of local operating buttons or fortune control system. Its operation is extremely easy.

3. Less frequency of parts replacing

All the accessories and wearing parts of limestone impact crusher are using imported materials and make multi-perfect to the components. E.g. Installation six rotor plate hammer on the device only with a special tool designed to be easily replaced board hammer, hammer only replace a board one shift time. In addition, according to statistics, other parts of the wear rate is very low, which reduces the frequency of replacement parts.

4. Low power consumption, high yield

Limestone impact crusher has big crushing ratio. It has optimized design which has low-speed, multi-crushing chambers, and its line speed reduced 20% -25% than the general impact crusher to achieve high production capacity greatly enhancing the equipment production.

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