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Is the Quality of Slag Ball Mill Better than Ordinary Ball Mill?

Aug 28 2015

At present, China mostly use the vertical mill grinding equipment in the slag powder manufacturing, but the one-time investment of the equipment is too high, generally businesses are unbearable, and the ball mill in early time has many disadvantages like low yields, high energy consumption and so on, so it is not suitable for mass production. To this end, we have gone through many years of experience and the introduction of foreign technology to produce a suitable professional ball mill for slag, that is slag ball mill. Slag ball mill is the best choice for slag grinding, as we described herein below.

1. Fully played the slag activity

Slag hydration is lower than the cement, in order to make to achieve synchronization in terms of hydration, we need to achieve the best fineness in the processing of materials in order to give full play the characteristics of slag activity. If fineness of slag can not reach leading a small contribution to the strength of cement. While ordinary mill in the application of more extensive material, but it does not meet the needs of only a single kind of material, and slag mill is based on the nature and development of slag, it can reach any customer requirements on the fineness of the material.

2. The relatively low cost

Whatever the equipment, the customer will take cost into account when buying. slag mill has no design and large number of research and development costs due to it based on the improvements of common products, so its price is relatively an advantage. On the other hand, the material can be fully utilized or not is also a cost. If the production of the material can not be fully utilized which also belongs to the waste of resources and improve the finished product cost; if you use professional slag ball mill, it meets customer more more requirements in any cases, to achieve maximum particle size distribution, but also to diversify the finished product.

3. Long life, science structure

In terms of components using, one can make more efficient and reduces wear ball segment, the second is due to the specifications of the grinding body is reduced, thereby reducing the wear degree of liner and compartment plate. The average service life is up to three times than ordinary ball mill. In addition, slag ball mill has a more reasonable deposit quantity, without clogging, better improving the operation efficiency of the slag ball mill.

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