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Rock Jaw Crusher - Crushing Industry Top Machinery

Aug 30 2015

The appearing of rock jaw crusher provide a good solution to the problem that the clogging due to high moisture content of materials, while the discharge is very uniform, the particle size can be controlled in 2mm or less. But it need to re-screen for other breaking equipment. Now, let us learn something about rock jaw crusher together.

1. Overcoming the material moisture problem

When rock jaw crusher works, it is not the same as conventional crusher which once the material moisture content exceeds 8%, it will occur clogging and even burn the motor, while the rock jaw crusher completely overcome such problems. That is why the rock jaw crusher known as the top machinery.

2. The unique performance

The maximum performance advantage is high crushing chamber cavity, adapting to high material hardness, big block degree, the product powder is less. Meanwhile, the crushing process can be simplified, it can turn into two or three sections broken to a broken, reducing the cost of concentrator equipment. Rock jaw crusher also has size selective crushing effect, and crushed products has uniform shape mostly cube stones. It has a wide application on construction of bridge, high-speed roads, docks, and airports.

3. The broad scope of application

Since rock jaw crusher is the top device in broken equipment, then its scope of application is better than the other devices. For example it can crush cinder brick, slag, shale, coal gangue and other materials used as a fuel additive or inside. And its broken material types are as high as 100 kinds.

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