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Several Factors Affect the Coal-Fired Quality of the Lime Rotary Kiln

Aug 31 2015

Lime rotary kiln is formed by the cylinder, round belt, roller, gear wheel, gear, seals, cooling devices and other components, the source of it is nothing more than fuel gas fuel or coal. Pulverized coal after crushing and grinding burn in cylinder body though the burner nozzles, which is the main process of fuel combustion, coal quality effects the control of temperature, thereby affecting production, and therefore it should be noted factors of fuel combustion. Here are a few factors that influence the quality of the lime rotary kiln coal-fired.

1. Control the impact of regulate aspects

In the production process, we should remember that equipment must remain stable thermal system, the main purpose is to ensure the stability of calcined lime rotary kiln flame. We should learn to rational use the air volume inside the circulatory system, so that a stable control the flame. There are many factors affecting the flame during the daily production, so in the production of a secondary air on the size of the pulse, we need to conduct a comprehensive grasp and good control of the flame shape, and intensity.

2. Effect of physical and chemical properties of pulverized coal fuel

Chemical composition and physical properties of the fuel has an important influence on combustion phenomena and combustion processes, the choice of coal should be noted that while coal fineness, calorific value.

3. Impact of fuel delivery served

The amount of fuel quantity will directly affect whether complete combustion of the fuel, so the amount of running fuel has a major significance for flame stabilization lime rotary kiln production.

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