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Aggregate Impact crusher parts Troubleshooting-Fote Machinery

Aug 31 2015

Aggregate impact crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which is often using in combination with other crushing equipment. If the machine is properly maintained and operated, it will has a long service life. But if compliance with the operating rules, it is very prone to the following questions.

1. Bearing fever
When aggregate impact crusher is in use, its bearing gets fever which means the bear is lack of oil and need for timely refueling. At the same time, we need to add the right amount of clean fuel oil. If the bearing damage is found, we should promptly replace the bearings, cover tight, to regulate the bolt, moderately elastic appropriate.
2. Belt flip
In the work, if appears belts turn, the main factor is the vast belt wear,  and we need to replace the belt.
3. Flywheel and slow swinging eccentric shaft rotation
When appears this failure because of the pulley and flywheel key loose or damaged, the wheel can not be synchronized with the axis of rotation and lead, it should be dealt with immediately.
4. The suddenly thicken discharge
aggregate impact crusher in the discharge process, if the particle size of the material suddenly becomes larger, it is because the results of the lower part of the broken liner serious wear and tear. We should under exchange or replacement the tooth plate liner of aggregate crusher, and adjust the port of discharge required size.
5. Airframe vibration
When aggregate impact crusher occurs vibration, there are a number of reasons, such as: the not solid foundation, too large material, the blocked crushing chamber, loose bolts and other reasons. We recommend the machine should be immediately stopped, repairs, until everything is normal, and then put into production.

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