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Granite Cone Crusher Has Taken New Steps-Fote Machinery

Aug 31 2015

 With the continuous development of science and technology in the interaction between businesses, the mining industry is using the new structure, new materials, and new technology in a variety of devices. Currently crusher is also developing toward energy efficient, reliable and automatic direction. Of course, granite cone crusher has taken new steps to adapt to the rapid development of the market.

1. The new spring safety device
Granite cone crusher is not only compact, its productivity is also rising. A spring mounting device which is recently developed that can protect equipment from damage, mainly using the bowl-shaped bearing thus making the device a high precision reserve. We also adopted a centralized lubrication, when nesting need to adjust the cylinder pushes the mouth to adjust. And the safety system is the overload protection device, after the broken material into the device, the spring means to play a protective role.
2. Two different forms
These two forms of granite cone crusher are standard and short head type, both types have their respective strengths, depending on what type of customer needs. In general, the standard version has large feed size, but the nesting size is also coarse granularity; while the short head cone crusher has steep crusher type, but feed particle size is small, the production of fine grade material is more favorable. So when we choose the standard for crushing and broken, short head type for the secondary and tertiary crushing.
3. Advanced lubrication sealed manner
This way can avoid production failure caused by improper operation, such as water and oil mix caused failure. In case of clogged drainage systems, grease can make some of the foreign body seals, iron by the way through the crushing chamber, the equipment is not compromised.

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