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The Blasting Methods of River Gravel Sand Making Machine

Sep 01 2015

River gravel sand making machine in the production process, due to the long time gravel processing making the device a number of issues. Such as bulky equipment, long-term open-air work, river gravel sand making machine will appear rusty surface, affecting the quality of sand making machine. For rust problem, this article will tell you how to skillfully removed rust of river gravel sand making machine.

1. The chemical descaling method
  The most common method is chemical descaling method, it is the product of a rust corrosion river gravel sand machine metal surface, it is the use of acid and metal oxides react chemically in order to get rid of the rust.
2. The use of small pneumatic or electric rust
  This method can be adapted to many situations, it is mainly powered by electricity or compressed air, assembling the appropriate means rust.
3. Coated with oxidation paint
Everyone is familiar with this way. It is to make the device ironwork stable surface oxide film in order to prevent rusting iron products. Iron products prevent exposure to the substance, and water, air, etc. rust.
 To remind the user, in the river gravel sand making machine idle and working time, maintenance and repair should be carried out, maintenance is the way to improve the yield, while the sound of equipment is also a symbol for the enterprise income

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