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Advantages of Compound Cone Crusher-Fote Machinery

Sep 01 2015

Compound Cone Crusher is a crushing equipment widely used in modern industrial production, and we can see compound cone crusher figure in the major production line. The reason of compound cone crusher widely used is that it can break the relatively hard stone which the generally broken machine can not break and its work efficiency is high. So let's look at the advantages of the compound cone crusher.

1. Big crushing ratio, high production efficiency
Since the composite type cone crusher is combined the use of ultra-high speed and stroke, which greatly improving the cone crusher rated power and capacity, and thus greatly improve the crushing ratio and production efficiency, this is the most basic that compound cone crusher has a  widely applications.
2. High reliability, good stability
Compound Cone Crusher follow the “more crushing less grinding” principle and the development of large-scale mechanical principle, it adopts the large-diameter spindle, heavy-duty main frame. Compound cone crusher adopts a separate lubrication system automatic control system to improve the safety performance of the equipment to ensure that the equipment has features of durable and reliable operation. Over iron protection device can quickly restore the nesting population to ensure that the discharge size.
3. Low consumption of vulnerability, low running costs
All parts of the compound cone crusher have wear protection, equipment maintenance costs will be reduced to a minimum, and can increase equipment service life of more than 30%, and its crushing principle and technical parameters is more advanced, it also has the reasonable structure and reliable operation , so it greatly reduces the running cost of the apparatus.
4. Efficient protection systems
Compound cone crusher adopts hydraulic cleaning chamber system, which would greatly reduce downtime, large-sized models used hydraulic safety system. Device uses a spring safety system as overload protection device allowing foreign body, iron through the crushing chamber at the time will not jeopardize the crusher, which will greatly improve the life of the compound cone crusher.

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