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The Longevity Measures of Limestone Fine Crusher’s Hammerhead

Sep 01 2015

 Limestone fine crusher is more commonly used in a mechanical device, with the continuous development and utilization of limestone, the use rate of the equipment is also increasing, however, many customers feel that the hammer is not durable. The hammer is indispensable part of fine crushing machine, and plays a very important role in the internal structure, then, how you can extend the service life of the hammer?

1. In the material selecting
    We can use a metal melting to manufacture mold, and poured the molten metal into the mold, it will form a certain shape, size and performance of metal parts after solidification. Because the cast is the metal smelting process to achieve the necessary standards of the liquid, the liquid in melting into the need, can be poured into the mold, where after cooling and solidifying will get a predetermined shape, size and performance of the casting process after clearing. On the market now, the use of casting hammerhead adopt 26 chrome alloy casting.
2. Rational use of metal utilization
Whether the hammer metal utilization ratio is reasonable will also directly affect their life, because the hammer is working under the strong impact environment, which is caused by wear and tear situation is inevitable, a fixed weight of the hammer, how to choose its shape and spatial dimensions is the best thing to be considered. So if you want to extend the life of the hammer, the utilization should also be reasonable to use.
3. Pay attention to hammer wear surface adjustment
Limestone fine crusher hammer with a layer of wear-resistant outer layer, when the hammer polished surface wear layer is worn, we have to slow down the wear of hammer. We need to replace the whole hammer wear layer side, and the two should wear lighter hammer and use both sides of the hammer transposition. Limestone fine crusher hammer wear is heavy than the two sides hammer, thus making the use of hammerhead greatly extending. Another point to note is that in the production experiencing different factors, we have to take a different method depending on various factors by grinding, so as to extend its life.

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