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The “surprise” Bring by the Improved Roller Crusher Equipment

Sep 01 2015

 Roller crusher is a kind of high-speed rotating equipment from roll splitting the material, its parts including gear, chassis parts, crushing roller, mechanical spring device, linkage, etc., and it has a simple structure, easy maintenance features, but at the same time there is also a shortage. Our company based on years of experience, research equipment of other manufacturers ultimately improve the roller crusher into a nearly perfect device. Next we mainly to analyze the following major improvement from what we are made, and explain what surprise to customers?

1. Improved feed mode
We abandoned the traditional way of distributing device, which uses a feeder having a unique structure and special materials, mainly at the bottom with curved structure, and there is a high molecular weight polyethylene wear smooth steel plate, so that both ensure that the material to move from side to side, but also to avoid a large number of materials caused by the fall in roll side wear phenomenon.
2. High yield
 Roller crusher improved via our company, its highest output can reach 900t/h, on the one hand, change the situation that can only rely on imported equipment to increase production, and on the other hand, we have adopted a long-term study found that the screening machine mesh is no less than 30mm, viscosity phenomenon will happen no matter how much moisture content, so we combine roller crusher and screening machine together developing a new and efficient roller crusher, so production is also greatly enhanced.
3. To improve bearing life
 We specialize design hydraulic special tools for the assembly and disassembly of the tooth plate. The special tool is fixed to the frame, press the control button, the hydraulic cylinder can roll along the axial movement, so top the tooth plate. With slowly rotating roller, tooth plate can be distributed along the circumference of the top of the turn. And during the installation, insert the cylinder into the top strip is used, do not need the hammer brutal percussion, to ensure the destruction of the bearing away from the impact force, greatly improving the bearing life.

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