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The Purchase Notes of Silica Sand Making Machine-Fote Machinery

Sep 01 2015

 Silica sand making machine is not only the special equipment for silica sand material, it also can be used for a variety of other materials, such as basalt, cement clinker, granite, iron ore, bauxite and other material can be crushing to 5mm or less the granularity. Due to the wide application of this equipment, and the production of a large amount, with high production efficiency, in order to ensure that customers have a smooth production of energy-saving and efficient, it should be noted that a number of questions on the purchase, here is the attention notes when we do the purchase.

1. Understand the properties of materials
We should first understand the breaking material properties before to purchase the equipment, including the material hardness, fineness of materials, material moisture and water content, and then combined with their capacity to choose the type of breaking, and we need to select silica sand making machine according to the characteristics of silica sand.
2. Select manufacturer
We can select several large, good reputation manufacturers for comparison, look at the difference of their reputation, product quality, in the premise of ensuring the quality, we can choose the import silica sand making machine or domestic machine according to our company ability,
For one important thing is to observe the factory, in order to understand the real strength of this factory, finally try to buy secure device.
3. Silica sand making prices
     The price level will directly affect the manufacturer’s production costs and profits, but we can not just consider the price of ignoring its quality, the most important thing is to understand its cost ratio, do not blindly buy some cheap and low-quality equipment, such devices have high failure rate in production , but more increasing the investment costs, affecting productivity.

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