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Advantages of Coal Jaw Crusher-Fote Machinery

Sep 01 2015

 As the mining industry continues to expand, the use of coal and rock materials increased significantly, natural coal and rock materials are scarce resource, have been using a large number of artificial coal and rock materials. Coal users are very strict to the product size, and the special coal jaw crusher is the necessary equipment in the production of coal and rock. Coal jaw crusher has the features of large crushing ratio, smooth operation that can not researched by other crushing machinery. Now let's look at the advantages of coal jaw crusher.

1. To improve coal quality

In the process of coal washing and processing, you must use coal jaw crusher for coal crushing effectively to maximize monomer solution from coal gangue with increased surface area of raw materials, improve coal quality. Coal is removed sulfur, phosphorus and other harmful substances, reduce coal pollution in the atmosphere caused by the combustion, to improve coal quality.

2. Reduce costs

During the coal crushing process, it will not only has a waste of resources, also the impact of the economic benefits of coal enterprises, and will increase pf water after the election, and slime water system pressure, the decrease of the re-election of coal to reduce the actual yield. The use of coal jaw crusher crushing process can reduce over crushed, pulverized coal to reduce processing costs.

3. The wide range of applications

 Coal jaw crusher is generally used to crush coal gangue in miserable, or make use of pulverized coal life, you can crush coal gangue, shale, coal, slag, cinder and other materials; and a crushed cinder brick, slag , shale, coal and other raw materials or used as an additive in the fuel.

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