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Factors of Aggregate Crusher Hammer Frequent Damage

Sep 02 2015

Board hammer is the core component for aggregate crusher, and also key component for crushing material. However, due to some reason in using, such as the excellent material, resulting in frequent wear to plate hammer impacting the production of the machine. Here's we will learn some hammer frequent damage factors of aggregate crusher.

1. The board hammer material
According to a survey, in the processing of gravel crusher hammer plate, the wear-resistant material is only welded on the parts that require high abrasion resistance, while other parts are generally materials. However, plate hammer periphery is the first wearing parts when broken material, then abrasion area get expansion. We recommended to use high-manganese steel hammer, because of its high wear-resistant and durable.
2. Hammer manufacturing process
In recent years, the development of the composite casting hammerhead has complex process, but the joints at the organizational identity is poor, easy to break and peel off. Meanwhile, if the board hammer manufacturing process quality is poor, it can not stand when crushed hard stone material, is not only a frosted loss, also may break the hammerhead. We recommended aggregate crusher manufacturer to sound this aspect by making products of advanced technology, high wear resistance hammer board, high efficiency and other advantages.
3. Maintenance
  Hammer of aggregate crusher because the presence of ordinary casting porosity, shrinkage, shrinkage, coarse grains and other defects,  is subjected to large impact force prone to rupture and wear during operation with the impact of a hard material. When it is worn and without maintenance, resulting in the board hammer wear only appear in facing material side. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed will drop to the surface of the board hammer, hammer the back and side panels are not being worn.

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