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The Proper Use of Stone Crusher (1)

Sep 02 2015

Stone crusher is a new and efficient equipment which is based on ordinary crusher through researching material characteristics, is now widely used in building materials, coal and chemical industries. Now stone crusher has shown a distinct advantage in our infrastructure tide. As demand for stone materials increasing its equipment structure is also improving. Here we introduce the proper use of stone crusher.

Before starting maintenance work:
1. Stone crusher before you use the product and the power unit should be installed securely. If users need long-term fixed job, it can be fixed on the basis of the cement, if necessary mobile operations, which should be installed in a special unit of the machine base, but also to ensure power machine and sand pulley groove in the same plane of rotation.
2. After installing the device to check the fastening of the various components, if found something loosing, please tight them immediately, while check the belt tension is appropriate or not.
3. Before starting, first hand rotation of the rotor, running gear claw hammer rotor and check whether under flexible and reliable, with or without shell collision phenomenon, the direction of rotation of the rotor is correct, and lubrication.
4. Do not replace the pulley parts of the device to prevent the grinding chamber explosion phenomenon, or speed is too low which directly affecting the working efficiency of the equipment.

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