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The Proper Use of Stone Crusher (2)

Sep 02 2015

Stone crusher is a new and efficient equipment which is based on ordinary crusher through researching material characteristics, is now widely used in building materials, coal and chemical industries. We mainly elaborated on a start before maintenance work before, next is the start of using and manufacturing considerations.

Start of use:
1. Stone crusher after start up should be idle for 2-3 minutes, ensure no abnormal phenomenon before inputting materials.
2. During starting we should always pay attention to the functioning of the device, the feed must be uniform to prevent the occurrence boring car accident, not a long time overload cut. If in the production process there are other unusual problems, such as abnormal vibration, noise, too high bearing temperature, etc., we should immediately shut down the stone crusher for inspection.
3. Under normal circumstances, the machine empty load operation of the rotation time is four hours, the load test run feed size is in accordance with specifications, we can not invest materials which are more than standard materials, and moisture content of not less than 10% -15%.
Production notes:
1. Stone crusher mounted on a concrete foundation, the foundation should be able to withstand at least four times the weight of the equipment. Customers can choose to install the plant outdoors or indoors based on different grounds.
2. When installing, the stone crusher should be adjusted to make the main shaft and horizontal vertical.
3. Although the machines in the factory have been turned away and normal load, but in order to ensure smooth production and safety equipment, we should conduct a comprehensive inspection after installation.

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