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Development Road of Metallurgical Rotary Kiln Enterprises

Sep 05 2015

Metallurgy rotary kiln is a large contributor to the metallurgical industry, most production process can not leave the participation of metallurgical metallurgy rotary kiln, so there are many metallurgical rotary kiln equipment manufacturers. And these companies how to develop to the industry benchmark, how to maintain the advanced nature of the future development in this regard? Now we will introduce the development road of metallurgical road kiln enterprises the following three aspects.

1. Adjust corporate structure
China’s metallurgical enterprises showing the characteristics of the rotary kiln is small, not strong, not refined, on a high number, but the overall quality is not high; the majority of enterprise’s management is behind, unable to form a certain degree of economies of scale. So in order to develop metallurgical rotary kiln industry, companies should adjust its structure, whether internal technology department or production departments make the appropriate regulations, form their own corporate culture and characteristics.
2. Healthy competition between industries
For the vicious inter-industry competition, it is not advocated, but also fail to realize “win-win”, the industrial should be guide and coordinate through trade associations, to change the status of the blind development. Between enterprises in the industry may consider walking the road of combination, which means that can first support and nurture those with well-known brands and independent intellectual property rights, relatively hard power and soft power strong big companies or enterprise groups in the industry, to form their own special products and special services, and thus play a leading role, to lead innovation and long-term development of the entire industry.
3. Take the development road of scientific innovation
Science and technology are primary productive forces, and innovation is the source of power for the development of the rotary kiln industry, we have no objection to the relevant national study advanced technology, but should also innovate on the foundation of learning, adding our own industry thought, to make our own featured brands.

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