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How is Energy-Saving Ball Mill?-Fote Machinery

Sep 05 2015

Energy-saving ball mill is a coming out later the ball mill, but its performance, all aspects of the structure as much as any grinding equipment, even higher than their traditional and ordinary grinding equipment. However, due to market time is not long, it caused some users questioned. So how is the quality of energy-saving ball mill? We made the following explanation:

1. Depending on the material
The most basic identification of energy-saving ball mill depends on the quality of equipment materials, currently the best material of energy-saving ball mill is steel material, steel containing a combination of several elements of iron-carbon alloys, silico-manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, etc., these elements have advantages of wear-resistant, prolonged use and so on. If the energy-saving ball mill is made of steel, there is no doubt it has the easy cutting, easy casting, wear and other advantages.
2. Depending on the manufacturing process
Energy-saving ball mill is a combination of many different accessory attachment, not directly build out. In each of the parts are securely connected directly depends on the manufacturing techniques employed. The most high-end production process is the welding process, welding by heat, pressure, or both, and use, the equipment is durable. If you purchased a welding process product then product using can be assured.
3. Depending on technical references
For example, whether referenced computer automatic control technology  in operation of energy-saving ball mill, whether to implement the unmanned operation; if the temperature references configured so that energy-saving ball bearing in operation can has a good temperature control to avoid failure; check whether adopted the advanced security supporting measures, during work, if faced with an emergency situation, it can resolve it without damage to the machine and other technologies or not. If you are used to purchase equipment with such techniques, its quality, performance is trust-worthy.

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