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The Inspection Caution of River Gravel Sand Making Machine

Sep 05 2015

River gravel sand making machine, its main purpose is to adapt the artificial sand industry, is an upgraded version of product based on rod mill type sand making machine, impact crusher, straight-through sand making according to material properties. River gravel sand has features of  small particle size materials, grain type uniform, large capacity, smooth running and so on. However, after the river gravel crusher site in place, it also need conduct a comprehensive inspection.

1. Check the oil: the device after the installation is complete, you should first check the lubricating oil pipe is securely connected and smooth or not, should be re-applied once before commissioning oil.
2. Check the component connection: before commissioning, it should be solid and reliable, carefully check whether there is foreign matter on the impeller, if any should be excluded.
3. Check the motor wiring: check pebble river sand motor wiring is correct or not, the voltage is normal or not, normal voltage should be around 380V, generally no more than plus or minus 5%.
4. Adjust the motor wiring: before installing the belt, start the motor, rotation direction signs should be consistent with sand, that is to say from feed opening, the impeller rotates counterclockwise, if the opposite direction with the signs, you should adjust the motor wiring, so that the direction of rotation to be consistent with signs, and never allowed to rotate in the opposite direction.
5. Load test: For two motor-driven spindle motor assembly with both sides, respectively, with the same number of triangle belt and spindle assembly is connected to both sides of the triangle should be adjusted to the same tape tensioning and straight. After the check, and then transfer production before, first with no load and load test, the test confirmed that no problem and then transfer production.

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