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Brief Overview to Coal Jaw Crusher-Fote Machinery

Sep 05 2015

Coal jaw crusher is one of the most frequently produced machine by crushing machinery manufacturers, but also the latest development of  new generation of broken machinery, its stable performance and strong crushing capacity can provide adequate aggregate for greening the city, but also led to the rapid development of low-carbon economy, then we will have a look at coal jaw crusher.

Coal jaw crusher has not only been used in our sand production, housing construction in a wide range of applications, it also can be used in railway, highway, water, chemicals, coal and ceramics and other industries, and for the good effect of various materials. But applied to coal in various industries crushing process must achieve in order to take advantage of the right size.
Since coal quality is hard, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other natural features, so in the production of coal crushing equipment for wear and tear is more serious, coal jaw crusher adopts stone rock crushing theory, less wear and tear on the machine crushed coal, and major facilitator damaged parts are made of high wear-resistant material manufactured after a certain treatment process, the loss in production is better, longer service life of the components. Throughout the crushing process coal, the coal mutual self-impact crusher, not in direct contact with the metal element inside the device, in the whirl chamber clever internal flow from circulation, eliminate the dust pollution, reducing the production of dust pollution, it is a more environmentally friendly equipment than other broken machinery.
Therefore, coal jaw crusher has the advantages of big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, low consumption of wearing parts, low operating cost advantages, often used for effectively crushing pebbles, ideal for large stones factory and mining enterprises broken.

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