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Factors that Determine the Yield of Limestone Fine Crushing Machine

Sep 05 2015

 Limestone fine crushing machine is a highly efficient, energy-saving crusher and sand making equipment, this device is particularly suitable for the production of abrasives, refractories, cement, quartz sand, grit and other hard, brittle material crushing and broken, in addition to investment and operation has unique advantages. The following article will introduce the factors of the determinants of limestone crushing machine production.

1. The service life of the wear part
Quality of equipment wear parts directly determine the productivity and yield of limestone fine crushing machine. If wear parts quality is not good, the situation will cause frequent repair, replacement, resulting in lower yields, but also increase maintenance costs. When our company design the limestone crushing machine, we fully taking into account the importance of the wear parts. So the wear-resistant lining is surfacing in the ordinary steel or heat-resistant steel plate, with high wear resistance, impact resistance, deformable, and weldability and other properties, its service life increased by 15 times or more life than ordinary steel.
2. The characteristics of the material
    It mainly includes material particle size, moisture content, temperature and humidity and other properties, each of which will directly affect the yield. With respect to the large size of the material, small particle size material to be broken more easily to a standard size, and therefore will increase the production efficiency; and some materials containing too much water will cause sticking on the produced material in the production process equipment, causing blockage in this case must be shut down to clean up, it will affect the overall yield; or material temperature and humidity and so on, as long as the material does not meet the required standards, they will cause production decline for some reasons.
3. Select the device model
In the face of a large number of crushing limestone, we should choose the right type of limestone fine crushing machine. Limestone fine crushing machine with different model, the price is also very different, it is recommended to listen limestone manufacturer's recommendations, to choose the proper product model.

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