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How to Judge the Quality of Feldspar Raymond?

Sep 07 2015

Potassium feldspar ore is with a high volume, most widely distributed, the largest reserves of non-water soluble potassium resources, feldspar belongs to monoclinic. The appear of Raymond feldspar, it is the ore milling device for K-feldspar. Due to the economic value of the use of K-feldspar in recent years, various quality or price feldspar Raymond also appeared, so how to choose the right one among these feldspar Raymond machines?

1. Analysis of lumber from the device
 First to look whether the sheet thickness of feldspar Raymond meets the formal requirements or not, if the plate is not thick enough, it will reduce the life of the equipment, the failure rate will increase, so users can start with the device itself for judgment.
2. Analysis from the equipment whole production process
This can be first produced from the outside to judge, generally speaking, feldspar Raymond produced by regular manufacturers looks well-made, even the painting will be shining, here recommend the Raymond feldspar of Fote Machinery. Then, we can further observe the main components to see whether there is wear and tear, so users can fiddle fiddle to check and see something, to judge.
3. Analysis from the device price
 Here we solemnly remind you, please do not pay more attention to the price of the feldspar Raymond. The price of good equipment is absolutely fair, low price is either some sales model on problems, such as not to provide after-sales or transportation, or a problem with the device, so it can be up to judge from the price of feldspar Raymond.
 In fact, in addition to the several factors mentioned above, customers may conduct site visits, user reputation and other methods to further determine the reliably unreliable or bot of the feldspar Raymond .

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