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How to Achieve High Yield of Plaster Jaw Crusher?

Sep 07 2015

In crushing equipment, jaw crusher is the most widely used one, it is one of the indispensable devices in mining industry. Enterprise in order to improve their efficiency, in the premise of no much cost, they are seeking ways to increase production. According to the company’s years of production experience, we summed up the following points to improve the plaster jaw crusher production approach.

1. Select the appropriate material moisture and hardness
Plaster jaw crusher is a kind of equipment for the plaster broken  and developed, so humidity and hardness of gypsum is one of the factors which directly affect production efficiency. While larger material in the water, it is easy to adhere to the device, thereby clogging, so crushing capacity is reduced; and if the material is excellent, that equipment has more difficult to break up, will also affect the effectiveness of equipment broken, so we have to select a product type according to material hardness and humidity.
2. Choose a good quality equipment
  Broken pieces is an important component of plaster jaw crusher, its  all materials crushing are accomplished by crushing member, the better wear resistance equipment crusher, the crushing capacity will be greater; if not has a good wear resistance, it will direct decrease the product crushing capacity. So, if we want to make our products achieve the purpose of efficient production, at the time of purchase is necessary to take into account the quality of broken pieces.
3. To comply with the procedure
 Operational factors of plaster jaw crusher is one of the important factors affecting device yield. Continuous and uniform feeding ore to crusher is the primary condition to work properly. If use the closed-circuit breakers, it will increase the number of reincarnation load in the feed process, thus the feed particle size becomes relatively thin, so the work should be closed in large crushing ratio, high load factor working conditions, production capacity will be increased. Therefore, we must follow the correct procedure, in order to achieve high yield under the same conditions.

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