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The External Causes of Magnetic Separators’ Price Volatility

Sep 07 2015

 Magnetic separator used for material separation which has magnetic difference in particular beneficiation of a class of iron ore products. Due to its excellent performance, reliable, highly customer focus, so magnetic separator price also affects the user, the following are the external reasons of magnetic separator price fluctuations.

1. Asymmetric market information
   Market information asymmetry means that there are differences in the information of market buyers and sellers, which can easily cause magnetic separator market demand or oversupply, and then the price will have different. For example, if this year the company has learned separator national policy management approach for a mining efforts, many manufacturers decided to reduce the magnetic separator production, but later the market users to purchase the equipment has not been reduced, then in short supply, magnetic separator price will increase, which is the price rise caused by asymmetric information.
2. Manufacturers of vicious competition
    Many manufacturers in the market, price, an important price factor, also will be users than to go, on the one hand, to a small firm with its low price and low quality of reckless conduct “price war”, and on the other hand, large scale magnetic separator manufacturers also want to obtain a larger market share, to meet user demand, the price will also be fine-tuned, and then the entire market price fluctuations to some extent separator will occur.
3. Climate reason
    Many manufacturers will find that in the winter, magnetic separator market is not so active, then, magnetic separator price will fluctuate.

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