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The Method and Significance of the Sand Dryer Dust Work

Sep 08 2015

Sand dryer is an important means of sand drying, it has a large production capacity, working with remarkable efficiency, ease of operation, and has become widely accepted. But in the course, it will produce some dust, causing some trouble for users, but dust proof work is a big project. Below, we will described the method and significance of sand dryer dust work.


1. Cyclones
Cyclone, its price may be high point, but the advantage is obvious, which aims at the sand procedures and the characteristics of the flow dryer, make dust concentrations to a minimum, is an ideal dust removal equipment.
2. Water dust
The advantage of water dust is low cost, but compared to the cyclone, the dust effect is not so significant. While it is convenient to use only hermitages a flood pond to solve the problem.
3. The combination of both
To combine the two, you can have a high efficiency, to produce the best effect of dust, dust to a minimum no problem, corresponding also improve work efficiency, reduce production costs.


1. Beneficial to the health of staff
In the “people-oriented” enterprise, employees physical and mental health but also a corporate responsibility. If the dry dusty site, employees will receive a health threat, dust disease is common, it would be difficult for companies to recruit staff, along with the cost of production increased substantially.
2. Create a comfortable environment conducive
Today we talk about “haze” with a bad mood, so protecting the environment is the bounden duty of each enterprise, dust control measure of sand dryer is a force to environmental protection, in order to add blue to our blue sky.
3. To help enhance production
If dust is large, then it means that the dust contained in the sand will be more, the causing problems is a waste of raw materials, and ultimately reducing the yield.

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