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The“four principles”Judgment on the Quality of Roller Crusher

Sep 08 2015

 Roller crusher’s sold in the crusher industry market is excellent, but the good and bad equipment products with cohabitation market effect give interference to users when they do the purchase of roller crusher, then how to buy proper equipment a big problem. Below we introduce to you the roller crusher quality’s four judgment principle.

1. Analyzing in terms of quality
Because the roller crusher machine combines the electricity, gas, light and other technologies in one, it is the more complex mechanical machinery, so when the users to judge the quality of devices, we shoulf consider one from its design level, to see if the device is designed reasonable and practical, the second is the level of consideration from the processing and assembly equipment, too see if the device has has the good welding technology, perfect assembly.
2. Judging from the work efficiency
Roll crusher efficiency level most directly affect the output of first material products, when in low device efficiency, it will increase working time, increase costs, thereby affecting the economic benefits users less than expected.
3. Judging from the adaptability
  Too see roller crusher’s adaptation range is wide or not, one is from material adapted to analyze whether the majority of the ore can be crushing and broken, the second is from the adapted industry sectors to analyze, the wider area of adaptation, the better the roller crusher.
 4. Judging from the operational reliability
    Roller crusher’s running is reliable, which means that the failure rate is lower, and vice versa, its running is unreliable. Similarly to this machinery, we must ensure its reliability, because if a fault occurs, the production process resulting in delayed maintenance costs will increase its expenditure, so the reliability of the device is the basis to determine its real quality.

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