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How Does the Hematite Kiln to Complete the Firing Process?

Sep 09 2015

Iron ore industry is now one of the pillar industry of China’s economic development, and to solve the problem of raw materials hematite are mainly two: one is looking to develop new iron ore base; second is to continue the use of foreign resources. When choosing the first, they have to use the mining industry, building materials equipment - hematite kiln. Then how does the hematite kiln finishing its firing process? Here we analyze it from three points.
1. Material firing characteristics

  In the premise of analysis of kiln firing technique, we must first understand the characteristics of the material, therefore, we focused on one type of equipment for roasting analysis that, if the choice of treatment capacity hematite is 55t/h, also coal the amount of 6%, and in the firing temperature reaches 700 ~ 750℃, the grade of the mineral can be obtained about 62% of concentrate, as well as the recovery of iron roasting can reach about 90%.
2. Roasting Process
Hematite magnetic roasting kiln technology is as equipment-based carrier, and then by controlling the kiln temperature and atmosphere, by a weak magnetic hematite into ferromagnetic process. Iron ore reaching the required size and other materials provided by the proportion of mixing the ingredients, from the kiln to the kiln, and hot air will be generated during the reverse movement, the gradual completion of preheating, drying, de-crystal water, reduction roasting process, good roasted ore roasting discharged from the kiln.
3. Roasting technical notes
(1) In the feeding tube kiln and kiln inlet air, use the lock device to prevent oxidation, roasting ore under the spout and diameter tube into the water under rapid cooling to prevent oxidation firing again;
(2) Use water quenching way to cool down which can make a lot of cracks on roasting raw minerals, so that subsequent grinding is easier to perform, thus greatly reducing the cost of grinding.

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