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How does Iron Dryer to Catch Up the Energy Saving Development Trend?

Sep 09 2015

 Iron dryer is a large equipment for iron powder drying, it is favored by peoples due to its continuous operation, high production capacity, strong adaptability of the materials, smooth working. But in recent years China has strongly called for energy conservation, as the drying industry should respond to national policy, in order to follow  development of equipment, iron dryer can be improved, so that it also has the advantage of more than embark on energy saving long-term path of development and environmental protection. Here's how to make iron dryer to catch up with the development trend of energy saving through improving its optimization.

1. Improvement of the triangular ribs
This refers to an appropriate increase in iron powder dryer triangular ribs, and then in order to slow the flow rate of the material in the high temperature zone, increase the heat exchange rate, we should weld strongly at the same height place of short rectangular edge and the feed end ring, to avoid burning bad cylinder and gauge rings, so that we can reduce heat consumption, to save energy.
2. Improvement Center lifting plate
 This refers to appropriate increase three to five groups the center of the iron dryer lifting plate, thus increasing the heat source region, the high-temperature gas to minimize the loss of heat exchange efficiency is improved. In addition, if you feel the material flow rate is too fast, poor quality control, you can set up multiple groups of square center lifting plate, as the number of baffles is determined according to actual conditions.
3. Improvement L-shaped tail lifting plate
  Generally L-shaped lifting plate is fixed vertically at right, which makes the purpose of the week can ring sequentially by thirty degrees, ninety, one hundred twenty-degree angle to achieve an improved welding. Such iron rotary dryer, when lifting plate at different spatial height, lifting the distribution area becomes large, the heat exchange rate becomes high, it will naturally achieve energy saving effect.

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