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How to Determine the Ceramic Ball Mill Bearings can be Used or not

Sep 10 2015

Ceramic ball mil bearings is a big piece of equipment, it’s quality and wear condition will affect the operating conditions of the machine. Then the bearing as a main component, the cost is not low, for the problem bearing, shall we continued to use or discard, this is a problem. Following we describe how to determine the ceramic ball bearings can be used or not from the two aspects.

1. Main performance
(1) It has been expired damage. Its performance for the roll surface wear, fatigue or fretting abrasion, particularly damaged parts mostly for the holder or tumbling body, then we should replace it, but the washer can still continue to use through amendments.
(2) It approaches fail, the situation showed closely to bearing failure, please caution.
(3) Despite the failure, but no serious damage to the parts. This situation can consider trying to extend its use.
(4) Only minor damage. This may because of inventory or transportation caused, this can be corrected to continue to use.
2. Otherwise
(1) Ceramic ball mil bearing and shaft does not match, if too tight, it can do grinding operation, if to loose, it can carry out casement.
(2) Bearing and end caps do not mix too tight, if too tight needed bearing chamber treatment, while too loose, please deal with the lower end cap.
(3) Lack of lubricating oil or sliding shaft at the ring stuck, then you can replace the new oil and do the corresponding repair operation.
In general, when the damage has resulted the abnormal use of ceramic ball mil, you can consider buying a new one, but if the problems do not affect the normal operation, we just need a simple correction then it can continue to use.

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