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The Formal Installation Steps of Silicon Carbide Ball Mill Main Bearing

Sep 10 2015

Main ball bearing is an important component of silicon carbide ball mill, the entire device cylinder by its support, and it also reduce the role of equipment operating in the friction coefficient and stable equipment. Therefore, we must follow the formal steps in installation, or the improper installation of the main bearing failure cause failure of the whole device. The following is the formal installation step of our company:

1. Remove dirt
     Before the main bearing installation, we first make contact with each other contaminants on the base surface and the bearing removed, if not cleared of debris on the installation, will result in the latter part of the work can not be carried out smoothly, the presence of debris will affect the bearing stability;
2. Install bearing
    Bearing is mounted on the base. Then to determine the distance between two bearing center line, construct according to the example size,  in construction the distance between ends and assembling cylinder can vary 1mm, but not too much;
3. The bearing base standard
Two main bearing seat surface elevation have allowed the difference between 0.5mm and requires the discharge end is lower than the feed end, which is more convenient for material after grinding smoothly discharged from the discharge port;
4. Standard of joints
 When the bearing is mounted on the bottom plate of the main bearing seat, which binds to the surface for a uniform contact, but the size of the local gap is no more 0.1mm, not in contact with the edge surface at each length must not exceed 100mm, the cumulative length may not exceed the total length of the circumference of 1/4;
5. Clean the contact surfaces
After the above steps installation, to promptly contact surface of the main bearing and housing for cleaning, the surface can be coated with oil.
6. Cleaning the cooling water
 Main bearing bush cooling water required to clean up, and to select 1Mpa pressure test at a pressure at each connection should be sealed tight, do not appear leakage;
7. Install the main bearing lubrication system
The installation of main bearing lubrication system must ensure that: all the parts to be cleaned, all the pipe joints should be reliable connection, without leakage agent to make good contact, the rotation must be flexible;

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