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The Difference Between Ceramics and Cement Ball Mill

Sep 10 2015

Ceramic ball mill and cement ball mill both belong to ball mill, the two differ in applications, products, accessories, performance advantages. This article will analyze the both from the above aspects. So that customers can be more targeted in the selection, select the appropriate model.

1. Applications difference
Ceramic ball mill’s liner is made of ceramic, its capacity is small, generally applicable to small batch trial production interruption. Ceramic ball mill wider its range of applications, from limestone to basalt, from stone production to a variety of ore crushing, it can provide unparalleled performance in a variety of broken pieces, crushing, ultra-crushing operation. Cement ball mill is mainly used in cement raw materials and finished products, also used in metallurgy, chemical, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises grinding all kinds of ores and other grind-able materials.
2. Accessories difference
The biggest difference between ceramic and cement ball mill accessories is that different liner materials. Ceramic liner is a ceramic ball, which has good abrasion resistance, crack resistance, heat resistance and chemical resistance, high strength, toughness, wear minerals in place must be avoided by metal and rubber pollution, the use of ceramics ball mill can solve the problem. Cement ball mill liner also has a strong impact resistance, grinding performance. Its kibble bin liner can be selected in carbon steel chromium alloy steel and other similar materials; fine grinding compartment liner can choose high hardness, high toughness wear-resistant materials, such as high-carbon steel and other materials.
3. The performance advantages difference
Ceramic ball mill’s structure can be divided into the overall style and stand-alone; when compared with other devices, it can save time and power, easy to operate, the performance is more stable and reliable; fineness of grinding operations can rely on self-control milling time. Cement ball mill has the features of high cement mill grinding efficiency, large mill yield, saving power consumption; compared with the general mill output, it can increase by 15-20%, power consumption is reduced by about 10%; refined temperature can be reduced 20-40 ℃, the product fineness is also easy to adjust.

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